The MAFM program helped me develop a solid understanding of financial modelling. The program was taught by academic professors and senior professionals from the financial industry—striking a balance between theory and practice.

Chan, Shuen Kuen Jacqueline
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong), Market Risk Manager
The program helped me to start a career in finance, since my undergraduate degree was not finance-related. I used to be a math student with solid training in computer science, and the program equipped me with theoretical and practical knowledge of finance. I learned a lot from the derivative courses as well as the independent projects.
Chen, Yan
Coherent Capital Aversor (Hong Kong), Quantitative Risk Consultant
My mandate is to lead the desk to provide structured products, to keep abreast of the market, and to comply with all relevant regulations. Specifially, the derivative pricing courses have been extremely informational and useful to my job. At the same time, the math theories equip me with fundamental skills to tackle any emerging development in the industry.
Cheung, Lok Wa
Hang Seng Bank (Shanghai), Head of Structured Products in Global Marksets
The currirulum covered all the essential components of modern quantitative finance, and paid extra attention to developing progamming skills. All this knowledge later helped me pass the technical interviews and it plays an imporant role in my daily work.
Huang, Shihao
J.P. Morgan (Beijing), Quantitative Research
The fundamental courses for math and programing have been of great importance to me for the quant interviews. Our program offers brilliant options for its technical and geographical advatages.
Li, Wei
Citigroup (Hong Kong), Global Market Analyst
A great benefit of doing the independent research is getting to know what doing research actually means in financial mathematics. That was a meaningful learning experience, which has certainly helped to shape my theoretical background further and prepare for my PhD study.
Mao, Hongyu
PhD Candidate, HKUST