What is the normal study load of a full-time student?

For full-time taught postgraduate students, the minimum study load is 9 credits per regular semester. We recommend a normal work load of 12 credits per regular semester. You may take a lesser load if the remaining number of credits required for graduation is less than 9 in your last semester of study.

What is the normal study load of a part-time student?

Part-time students may take a maximum of 9 credits in each term (updated Oct 2020).

Can I drop a course after the drop period?

You are not allowed to drop a course after the Extended Drop Period unless under extreme circumstances, such as long-term hospitalization. Excuses such as insurmountable workload for taking too many courses or oversight in checking course registration status will not be entertained.

What is the academic standing that a student has to maintain?

Students are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average (CGA) [same as GGA] of 2.850 or above. Recall that the grade point of B is 3.0 while that of B- is 2.70. Students whose CGA fall below 2.850 in a semester will be issued a warning letter by the department head. Students who fail to maintain good academic standing in two consecutive semesters may be required to take academic leave and potentially have their study suspended.

Can I transfer credits from courses taken elsewhere?

Credit transfer may be granted to students in recognition of studies satisfactorily completed in another university or tertiary institution. Applications must be made to the Department in the first semester of study. All credit transfer must be approved by the Program Director and is subject to University regulations governing credit transfer (section 6.2). No more than half of the required coursework may be granted transfer credits.

Can I change the mode of study from full-time to part-time or vice versa?

Students are allowed to transfer between full-time mode and part-time mode at most once for the duration of the study. Mode transfer has to be submitted 10 days before each semester commences.

Is there any time restriction on program completion?

According to university regulations, the maximum time allowed for degree completion is 5 years for a master degree. The period of approved leave from study and suspension period are counted toward the maximum time allowed for degree completion.

Can a student repeat courses that score a grade lower than C? Is there any restriction on the number of courses repeated?

A course scored with a grade lower than C will not be credited as a program graduation requirement though it will be reflected in the student’s record. Only two courses (excluding audited courses) in a postgraduate program may be retaken, and each may be repeated only once.  The new grade obtained at the second attempt will replace the previous grade in the calculation of the grade point average.

Are students allowed to work during their period of study? 

  • Non-local students may not engage in part-time employment of more than 10 hours per week during the regular semester and 20 hours per week during winter break.
  • All full-time (both local and non-local) students need to seek approval from the Program Director if they would like to take up part-time employment.

Am I allowed to take more than 36 credits worth of courses? If yes, do I need to make extra tuition payments?

Once you have completed 36 credits in a regular semester or summer term, your program of study is considered complete and cannot be extended into another semester or summer term. Consider the scenario that you have completed 33 credits in the last regular semester: you are allowed to take more than 3 credits (with the usual cap on the number of credits allowed) in the new semester without making extra tuition payments. 

As a part-time student, if it takes me more than three years to complete the program requirements, do I need to pay extra tuition fees for the fourth year of study or beyond?

You only need to pay the full tuition fees of the program.

When and how should I apply for "Provisional Award Certification Letter"?

Once all the grades are announced in SIS (usually available in early Jan for Fall term, early June for Spring, and late Aug for summer), the (Provisional) Award Certification Letter will be available upon request.