Writing is essential in business and in life. Good writing may not necessarily help solve a math problem, but in the presentation of ideas to others, good writing skills will convey 1) logical and clear thinking, 2) an ability to communicate appropriately with a wide variety of people, and 3) more sophisticated articulation and a higher level of education. These assets will be indispensable as you move forward in your schooling and your careers.

We provide new students a pre-program course on English writing through business topics. It is conducted via Wechat. In this preprogramcoures, students write 10 essays and assignments that help them practice academic writing, logical argument, and practical business writing. The readings assigned to them cover a range of topics including the gender gap in business, startup culture, the rise of China on the world economic stage, and the future of algorithms. Through these exercises (and subsequent revisions), students practice writing logically, articulately, and forcefully. 

Here are the introductory paragraphs of selected essays from students. (Please note they are not revised for grammar.)