The training in the MAFM equips me with the tools to dig deeper into many financial mathematics problems. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the professors, I feel competent in solving new problems in the area.
Dong, ZiYe
Previous Degree: BEc in Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics
The professors bring great insight from the financial markets, illustrating the practical issues of theories. What's more, they talk to us about different types of jobs and help us figure out what’s suitable for us.
Li, Dan
Previous Degree: BEc in Finance and Banking, Peking University
I received a lot of helpful tips and advice from the summer boot camp. It helped me to understand the context of finance before starting the regular courses. That’s particularly useful for someone who was not previously major in finance.
Shen, Lue
Previous Degree: BSc in Computing Mathematics, City University of Hong Kong
Even though the courses are academically challenging, the instructors manage to teach in a clear, specific, and patient way. That’s why we can easily comprehend what we’ve been taught. Great job from the professors and TAs!
Wan, Cheuk Hei (Billy)
Previous Degree: BSc in Actuarial Science, The University of Hong Kong
Working weekly on the English assignments online before the start of regular terms was demanding. But I learnt to be proactive, self-disciplined and manage my time better. Such personal lessons will be valuable in anything I attempt in future.
Wang Ke
Previous Degree: BSc in Economics, Fudan University
Courses in MAFM cover innovative topics which are useful to my career. They connect me to the recent developments and the rapid changes happening in regional markets.
Wong, Yun Sum (Sam)
Previous Degree: BSc in Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong
I have learned a lot from the mock-interviews—especially from the interaction with seasoned interviewers who are senior professionals in finance. The feedback from the interviewer helped me to better present myself as a unique candidate. The experience was extremely rewarding.
Xing, Siyu
Previous Degree: BEc in Economics, Nankai University
The English preterm course was extremely rewarding. The learning material was well prepared. The instructor was approachable, knowledgeable and humorous. I am more confident than before to express myself in different business settings.
Yu, Jiaqi
Previous Degree: BSc in Finance, Nanjing University
The independent project not only has enabled me to work on an interesting research topic on an in-depth level, but also increased my confidence in pursuing a research career in future.
Zhang, Yuantao
Previous Degree: BSc in Physics, Peking University
Networking is a key activity that is not only funny, but also critical to my personal growth. MAFM provides me many opportunities to get connected to senior professionals from the industry in courses, seminars and other occasions.
Zhou, Hongyu
Previous Degree: BEc in Finance, Sun Yat-Sen University