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Writing is essential in business and in life. Good writing may not necessarily help solve a math problem, but in the presentation of ideas to others, good writing skills will convey 1) logical and clear thinking, 2) an ability to communicate appropriately with a wide variety of people, and 3) more sophisticated articulation and a higher level of education. These assets will be indispensable as you move forward in your schooling and your careers.

We provide new students a pre-program course on English writing through business topics. It is conducted via Wechat. In this preprogramcoures, students write 10 essays and assignments that help them practice academic writing, logical argument, and practical business writing. The readings assigned to them cover a range of topics including the gender gap in business, startup culture, the rise of China on the world economic stage, and the future of algorithms. Through these exercises (and subsequent revisions), students practice writing logically, articulately, and forcefully. 

Here are the introductory paragraphs of selected essays from students. (Please note they are not revised for grammar.)

The Rise of China
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By Xiang Shiyu (Camellia)
China, which was once compared to a sleeping lion, has already woken up and threatened the hegemony of western countries. To better comprehend how China has become more powerful and more dominant, the TED speech Understanding the Rise of China by Martin Jacques and the article TheChinese Century by Joseph E. Stiglitz analyze what the competitors of China have done wrong, leading to the new world order.The different perspectives of analysis come to the same conclusion that America and the rest of the West need to embrace China instead of marginalizing China, which makes sense under the current circumstance where isolationism and anti-globalization are increasingly popular.

Startup Society
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By Wu Tong: MEWE Media Contributes to Open-mindedness in China
In China, you may not hear of MEWE Media, but you must know about its most popular online video product called “Let’s Talk”. Until June 2016, articles on Sina Weibo about “Let’s Talk” have been read for astonishing 3.23 billion times and online videos of “Let’s Talk” on iQIYI, one of the most popular video websites, have been watched roughly 1.6billion times. Over 72% of the audience members are under 35 years old. Many youngsters have come to pay close attention to the topics on this show and become more open-minded.There are two main reasons why this online video program designed for people born after 1990 has such a positive impact on those youngsters.

The Future of the Internet
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By Chen Kai
Since the WannaCry ransomware broke out last Friday, more than 230,000 computers in about 150 countries and regions, including China, have been infected with this internet virus according to the 360 Security Response Center. Once WannaCry attacks our computers of which all the valuable files will be locked up, we can do nothing with it even if we pay the ransom money that WannaCry demands. Truly, WannaCry causing great loss has done what its name calls for-wants us to cry for it. With the wider applications and rapid developments of the internet technologies, the internet has already covered everything in our life, such as the economy, living, politics and so on. And China with over 0.73 billion internet users will have to join hands with the rest of the world, promote internet security among users and develop customers oriented internet products to protect Chinese internet users from cyber threats.

On Algorithms
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By Huang Xuan: A New Society
A giant “bomb” was thrown into the automobile industry on April 19th, 2017 that Baidu will publicize its automatic driving techniques to the auto-industry and cooperators in this area. With these advanced techniques, those people can quickly build their complete autopilot systems and then start batch productions of driverless cars. For a driverless car, the cores of techniques are algorithms, such as computer vision and natural language processing. Once these algorithms are made into products such as the self-driving car, many jobs like taxi driver will disappear. These phenomena give us a signal that algorithms will compress the social job classifications into three types, only containing the design and implementation of algorithms, the execution of algorithms and other few jobs that can’t be replaced by algorithms.

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